“Which foods are medicine for you? And which foods are poison to you? Find out which foods work best for your body."


Types of Services

Initial Discovery Session

Three-Month Health & Nutrition Reset Program

Six-Month Health & Nutrition Comprehensive


"The easiest and fastest way to health is by getting to the root of the problem."


Discover - I get to the root of the problem, by thoroughly assessing your health and nutritional needs (using a variety of methods that are gentle, accurate and non-invasive)

Customize - I customize a health plan tailored to your individual needs and lifestyle, starting with a meal plan that is accessible to you.

Develop - I coach you on your relationship to food and your body, stress management, and most importantly ~ the joy of eating.

Measure - I use a technology that measures your Nutritional Score ~ accurate and non-invasive.

Advice - I recommend professional grade whole-food supplements as needed.

I order Lab Testing when needed.