What people are saying…

“After working with western allopathic doctors for several years, I still struggled with digestive issues. As a diagnosed celiac with a limited diet already, I decided to seek the help of a different type of health professional. This decision led me to Marisol. Even in the first month, I felt a significant change in my body. Marisol works diligently to identify food sensitivities and gives thorough explanations of how certain foods either poison or heal your body.
Marisol’s calm and warm disposition made me comfortable right away. I felt open and safe about sharing my body concerns. Additionally, Marisol strongly supports overall wellness. The mind-body connection is important to me, and I feel Marisol’s expertise guides me in my decisions about food and stress management.
I highly recommend Marisol to future clients!” Jordan F. San Francisco

“Marisol was extensively knowledgeable as well as patient, generous, and non-judgmental. Her support and expertise helped me to make big changes to how I approach food and eating, and create some radically new (and improved) habits. I would recommend her highly.” – D.F., San Francisco

“Marisol is an amazing healer! She saved me postpartum! (twins!). Her healing bone broth and expert nutrition counseling helped me recover from a classical C-section and helped me make enough milk to breastfeed twins. She is a great listener, full of compassion and understanding. Her truly caring, nurturing, and thoughtful soul shines through in every way. I highly recommend Marisol.” Kristin H., San Francisco

“Marisol is knowledgeable and full of great ideas to make changing your nutrition for the better interesting and easy. She’s also able to adjust her recommendations to fit into your lifestyle and temperament. And she’s easy to talk to and has a great sense of humor, which is essential when dealing with changing habits that may have an emotional origin. What more can you ask for?” – A.G., San Francisco

“I’ve been working with Marisol for almost 3 months now and after 3 Pulmonary Specialists and 5 Doctors, she has helped me the most. She has a bedside manner that outweighs any Dr. I have seen. She really cares, she’s extremely knowledgeable in her field and her main goal has been, from the beginning, to get to the ROOT of the problem. I’ve had Asthma for 3 years and Marisol’s Nutritional Program has allowed me to identify the food allergens that trigger Asthma. Not one doctor ever mentioned anything about food during any visit.
Marisol knows so much about Nutrition, food allergies/sensitivities and upper respiratory problems. Thanks to Marisol, today I am cough free and the Asthma is under control. I have referred many people to Marisol and will continue to do so. She is Simply a Gem!” C.A., San Francisco

“Marisol Kim is a nutrition practitioner that is dedicated to helping clients with digestive issues. She’s a practitioner who identifies the root causes of an ailment and gently guides her clients to heal with food first and then supplements if needed. She’s also an excellent teacher and teaches her clients the healthy foods that will help them thrive.” Daniela, San Francisco

“Marisol Kim is a dedicated, approachable and compassionate professional. She has been of great help to me in improving my current and long-term health, and in dealing with chronic health conditions that no other allopathic doctor was able to resolve. In the process she has given me a foundation of nutritional behaviors tailored to my own specific likes and needs. I would heartily recommend her service to anyone.” J.B., San Francisco

“I have known Marisol Kim of Cornucopia Wellness for over 20 years and have witnessed her creative evolution. She has been deeply involved with the healing arts since we first met. She possesses a wealth of knowledge and has acute intuition. She is an inspired individual and her passion for well-being is immediately evident in her radiant presence. Marisol has been a trusted friend and confident in my pursuit of health. She recently helped me find solutions to increase my milk supply for my 6 month old baby. Thank you Marisol!!!!” Dominique C., Charlottesville, VA

“Marisol Kim is a kind, professional and knowledgeable nutrition practitioner. She is a terrific diagnostician who is a great listener. Soon after I began following her nutritional recommendations supported with supplements, I was feeling so much better. I had been suffering for a long time prior to working with her.
Marisol taught me why I am able to or not to tolerate different types of food. It has made a marked difference in making food choices. She gave me an education that gave me back my well-being.” M.W., Emeryville, CA

“Marisol’s friendly, approachable style is combined with her ability to share her extensive knowledge in a way that is easy to understand and includes the most current developments in the field of nutrition. She is enthusiastic, compassionate and very supportive. She gave me practical advice on how to make lifestyle changes that not only last but are also fun. She helped me create my own delicious, healthy cuisine that I can share with others.” Sharon, San Francisco