Let’s DISCOVER how I can help you take your health to the next level!  Find out what’s at the root of your health issues in order to alleviate your symptoms.  When you heal the source of the problem, everything else falls into place.

I CUSTOMIZE a health plan tailored to YOUR individual needs and lifestyle, starting with a meal plan that is accessible to you.  Have you tried all kinds of “diets” with no lasting results?  Are you confused by all the info out there?  Get EMPOWERED and find out what YOUR body needs in order to thrive!  

Feel SATISFIED with your food choices!  I’m a passionate educator of health and nutrition, and it’s my mission to teach you how to read your food cravings and understand your body, so you can feel more SATISFIED.  You can take this knowledge with you for the rest of your life and create a lasting and nurturing relationship to food and your body.

SETTING YOU UP FOR SUCCESS:  Set a few goals at a time, so you can focus on just a few steps. Leave it up to me to guide you toward the right path for reaching your goals and feeling great. Next thing you know, you’ll have achieved the impossible!




Let’s get to the root of the problem:

When you fix your gut, you can fix your entire body!

Did you know that poor digestion can lead to all kinds of health issues?

Gut issues are the very root cause of a lot of symptoms, even if some of them seem unrelated:

The obvious ones are: food sensitivities, gas and bloating, constipations, diarrhea, Cronh’s, Celiac, heartburn, acid reflux, Diverticulitis, colitis, ulcers, you name it!  

But also:

  • Weight gain, or difficulty gaining weight
  • Are you sick all the time? Feel under the weather a lot? Do you have any autoimmune conditions?
  • Have you tried every diet out there, but none of them seem to work for you?
  • Slow metabolism, thyroid issues
  • Moodiness, foggy brain, ADD, depression, anxiety, fear, worry, feeling overwhelmed
  • Sleep issues
  • Cravings that you can’t satisfy
  • Joint and muscle pain
  • Low energy, craving stimulants
  • Hormonal issues: low sex drive, infertility, menstrual problems, hot flashes, prostate issues
  • Seasonal allergies, sinus infections, environmental sensitivities
  • Are you losing motivation even when it comes to activities you love?
  • Have you seen every doctor you can, but can’t find a solution?